Thermal Windows

Thermal Glazing For Your Windows

Thermal window glazing can produce enormous benefits for your home or commercial property. Of all the home improvement decisions you can make, thermal windows is the simple and efficient choice that will greatly boost your comfort while lowering your energy consumption – and saving you money on your power bill!

Melbourne’s weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. One thing is guaranteed – a cold winter. Keep your home and workplace warm without being forced to run an expensive heater all day and night. Double glazed windows will also help you achieve an even, comfortable room temperature when the summer heat soars.

The first step is deciding to fit your home with thermal windows. It is absolutely crucial to have the installation process performed by an experienced team, with hands-on knowledge and reliability. Poorly installed windows can eliminate all of the useful benefits and leave you back at square one. Poorly sealed windows are the biggest culprit, as tiny gaps let in air and noise and detract from the intended function.

When you want thermal glazing for windows done right, call the specialists at Stop Heat Loss. Stop Heat Loss specialise in add on thermal window glazing your existing windows and doors to achieve a noise reduction of between 50-70%.

We have years of industry experience and are always happy to share our wealth of knowledge with customers. Call today on 1800 744 589.

The formula for reducing heat loss/gain is to create a large airspace between the 2 windows, using 6.38mm laminated glass and acoustic seals.

By creating the largest possible airspace you will achieve maximum results; this is how our system is more beneficial for window insulation over replacement double glazed windows or window films.
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